Another long-time restaurant chain is filing for bankruptcy citing the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Friendly's has two locations in the Capital Region and we may lose them if they choose to close some of their restaurants across the country. Growing up, there was nothing like going to Friendly's in Clifton Park to enjoy a Reese's Pieces Sundae. When we were kids, that was the biggest, most amazing ice cream we could order and we usually ate the whole thing. Of course, there were many more Friendly's locations in the Capital Region when we were younger. Now only two remain.

According to ABC News,  Friendly's Restaurants has filed for bankruptcy protection. The restaurants have been part of the East Coast for eighty-five years and a huge part of my childhood. I was already sad to see the other locations slowly close in the Capital Region and now we run the risk of losing the last two that remain.

For now, the company says that all of the one hundred thirty Friend'y's locations will remain open and operate under Chapter eleven bankruptcy protection. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, the company doesn't know how many restaurants will be forced to close after the filing. Friendly's has tried to build its delivery and carry-out business during the pandemic.

There are two Friendly's locations that still remain in the Capital Region. There is one off of Route 146 in Clifton Park and another location on Hoosick Street in Troy. Let's hope that if they do close more restaurants, ours will be spared.

It was announced over the weekend that Applebee's and IHop would also be closing many of their restaurants because of the coronavirus pandemic that has hit them hard.

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