You have probably seen the story trending of the two dogs from Glenville that went missing. Well, the owner has upped the reward and still needs your help!

Pets start out as just animals who live with us, graduate to friends, and then, sooner rather than later, they become family. Well, for Mary Ann Powers of Glenville, it's going on three weeks since she's seen her canine family members. As I mentioned in a post last week, she also uses these dogs are therapy dogs for her current medical treatments.

One day she let the dogs out, waited for them to come in from her yard and they're gone. She announced via a Facebook group made to keep updates going about the search that she has decided to raise the reward for the dogs from $500 to $7000. She is desperate to get her dogs back home and offered the highest reward she could possibly handle.

They're hoping to raise the reward price higher and to deal with the costs have set up a GoFundMe. If you have any information about the dogs, call the Glenville police or call Powers at 518-424-9242.

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