When you live here, you tend to take some of the awesomeness for granted.

Don't worry, it's not just you. I'm not like, pointing my finger at you in upset. It's the majority of us. I've heard it so many times, "ugh, I can't wait to move away from here." And then you know what happens? Those people move... and then they move back. 

That being said though, we all tend to forget the great stuff that surrounds us and don't take advantage of the "tourist" like opportunities in our great Upstate!

Here are a few things that are close to home that you must do at least once to say you truly lived the life that Upstate New York provides:

1) Attend the New York State Fair - We are currently in the heart of fair season and not to knock any of our local fairs, but once you attend the New York State Fair in Syracuse you'll be wondering why you ever went to any other. This years festivities will take place August 25th-September 5th.

Falls Tourists Niagra Falls
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2) Visit Niagra Falls - If you're a nature lover, like myself, than this has to be added to your list. The beauty is unlike anything else and the social media photo-op? I mean, you'll thank me later.

3) Get Chicken Wings at Duffs in Buffalo - Their wings are famous for a reason. It says it right on their website "This is the place you come for the best wings of your life." I mean, they're called BUFFALO wings...


Chicken Wings
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4) Go on the Finger Lakes Winery Tour - This can be a matter of taste because some people don't fancy wine but the Finger Lakes are a beautiful area, nonetheless. Here are some tips on planning your winery tour.

5) Visit Letchworth State Park - Located in Castile, based on pictures alone, I'm adding this to my own personal list because, WOW. First of all, a hot air balloon ride, to me, sounds calming and fun. Then when you add that it's dubbed the "Grand Canyon of the East" with not one, or two but THREE waterfalls! It's a must!

Are their any Upstate activities/places that you'd add to your bucketlist that aren't in this five? Feel free to comment or let me know at: Marissa@wgna.com

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