Completely Vaccinated? You Are Now Free to Move About the Country
Since last June, there were restrictions in place to make sure that New Yorkers were following protocols while traveling during the coronavirus pandemic. Governor Cuomo had set a two-week quarantine on those who traveled outside of New York. This meant that anyone returning to the state must stay is…
Explore National Parks Get Paid $50,000
Are you looking for a job that will pay you to explore the national parks? If you have the time, you could earn a cool fifty thousand dollars doing it. Plus it's a promotion through Michelob Ultra so you will also be able to represent them in a fun way.
Economy Airline Adds More Albany to Florida Flights
Since the coronavirus hit, none of us have been able to travel. If you're like me, you are itching to plan a vacation. There is an economy airline that flies out of Albany International Airport that is offering more flights to Florida this winter with cheap fares.

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