We've come to the end of another week so it's time once again to head into the musical time machine and remember a great country song and video from the past. This week we go to the end of the 1990's for a top 10 hit from Yankee Grey "All Things Considered"

This was the debut single from Yankee Grey's first Album "Untamed". The song was released in June of 1999 and would peak at #8 on the Billboard charts. The success of the song would get them a spot the following year at Countryfest 2000 with Martina McBride, Kenny Chesney and Tracy Bryd.

"All Things Considered" would be Yankee Grey's biggest hit as no other single would reach the top 10. The follow up "Another Nine Minutes" peaked at #15. Original lead singer Tim Hunt would leave the band in 2000 due to vocal problems and the band would leave their record label. After a few vocalist changes and a second album that produced no hits, the band would break up in 2002.

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