This Sunday (12/16) marks country singer Jeff Carson's 48th birthday. How about we go back in time and remember one of his big hits from the past in this weeks edition of Flashback Friday. This week we go to to 1995 for Jeff's Top 5 hit, "The Car".

From Jeff's Self Titled debut album, "The Car" followed his big #1 single "Not On Your Love".  It would reach #3 on the Billboard Country Charts in December of 1995. Jeff would reach top 10 status only once more with the follow up "Holdin' On To Somethin". He would have a bit of a comeback in 2001 with the song "Real Life" that reached #14 on the charts that year.

These days Jeff has retired from the music business. In 2009, He joined the Franklin, Tennessee police department and is now a full time police officer.

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