I know as the husband of the "Discount Diva" that people have begun to take there coupons very, very seriously. This however is the kind of reaction I think you should all try to avoid when a store rejects your coupon.

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Last Friday a 61 year old woman named Mary Frances Alday was shopping at her local Walmarts in Crawforville, Florida. I guess all was fine until when she got to the register the cashier informed her that they would not take the 1 dollar coupon she had printed off the computer. Mary Frances wasn't havin' it!

She rammed her shopping cart into the assistant manager, went to her car and retrieved her Smith and Wesson, 38 special and pointed it at store employees and shouted, "I have somethin for Y'all!"

Employees ran back into the store and Mary took off in her car. As it turns out the police caught up to Mary on her way home and they indeed were the ones who "had somethin for" Mary. A good tasing when she reached for her gun.

She is now charged with 4 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of battery.

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SO what is the lesson to be learned here? Clearly, if you are a cashier at a store and are presented with a coupon or two, do your very best to make sure you let the customer use them! These women are not to be toyed with.