Woestina Elementary School in Rotterdam, NY is in a tough spot.  Looks like they might possibly close the school and consolidate.  Unfortunately,  it's becoming the way of the world! 

 But Ms. Pink, one of the incredibly dedicated teachers there says  kids are still very positive, which is a great character trait!  In fact, they have ALOT of good traits.  Want to hear them sing about it?  Sure you do!!!!!

 As you can see, the school and Ms. Pink put huge emphasis on good character traits, which can't be emphasized enough these days! 

We wish the teachers, staff and students at Woestina lots of luck.  Hope things work out well for you! 

  And special thanks again to a great educator and "charter member" of this school program, Jamie Pink for her support, and a special shout-out as well to the sponsor of Reading, Writing and RhymingHannaford Supermarkets.  Couldn't do it without you!!!