As officials start to ponder how to start reopening the economy, it seems like schools may remain closed for the remainder of the school year.

As the days roll on, it does seem less likely that schools will reopen this Spring and now Albany Country Executive Dan McCoy has echoed that sentiment. In his daily briefing today McCoy said he does not see schools reopening this semester, according to a Times Union report.

Now obviously, nothing is written in stone yet and this possibility could swing in the other direction. If you are a parent homeschooling right now, you are probably hoping it does to get your kids back to their normal routine.

That said, at this point, with only a small portion of the year left keeping the kids home may not be a bad idea. We have to imagine the economy and business will open back up in small stages, and opening schools with all of that could prove to be difficult and really not worth the extra health risk. Either way, normal still seems like it is a long way off as we start to comeback from the pandemic.

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