K-12 schools and colleges will not re-open for the current school year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor Cuomo made the announcement today during his daily press conference  and added at this point he did not think it was possible to put measures in place to safely open schools for students, teachers and staff. The Governor added that a decision regarding summer school would be made later this month, and he will have schools start working on plans to reopen.

This is not surprising news and this is the best call to keep everyone safe. There would be a lot of scrambling right now to open school for about a month. This way schools can make effective and deliberate plans to reopen, plus things should be in a much better place once we get to the point of reopening.

That said, this is still tough news for parents and students. This has to be disappointing for the kids as they will be missing out on so much, especially high school seniors. And I can imagine parents homeschooling their kids could really use some relief at this point.

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