Actor, James Franco was spotted eating lunch in downtown Albany at Yono's Restaurant on Chapel Street Thursday, but what has him here in the Capital Region?

We've been known to have some blockbuster movies filmed here locally and rumor has it, that might be the case yet again some time soon. Whisperings have it that Franco was scouting locations in Albany for an upcoming film entitled, "The Pretenders," which is said to start filming Oct. 24.

An open casting call has also been mentioned via the Times Union:

" open casting call was held at the visitors' bureau at Quackenbush Square for "all types of people for background, all ethnicities, all types in the 1970's and 1980's," including "joggers, moviegoers, bar patrons, theater goers, college students in the 70s, fancy restaurant patrons, gallery patrons, club goers."

Time will tell if another little piece of Hollywood makes its way to our beautiful area. In the meantime, James Franco can be close enough, no?

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