From dim sum to lo mein to fortune cookies, great Chinese food is hard to beat.

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When it comes to Chinese food, everyone has their local go-to spot that they think is the absolute best. Just like a great pizzeria or burger joint, once you find a great one it becomes a regular destination in your restaurant rotation.


So we opened this one up to our listeners to determine the best of the best by asking - who serves the best Chiese food in the Capital Region? We got a wide variety of answers as diverse as all of our local cities and towns!

But when it comes to great beef and broccoli, chicken lo mein, sweet and sour pork, spring rolls, fried rice, and all these Chinese, these restaurants rose above the rest as the absolute best in the 518.

The Capital Region's 10 Best Chinese Restaurants [RANKED]

Whether it is chicken chow mein, a great lo mein, your favorite meat or seafood with broccoli, wonton soup, spring rolls, and so much more - nothing beats great Chinese food. It's unique and beautiful when presented on a plate, and just as appetizing in to-go containers. No matter the presentation, you just know great Chinese food when you taste it. Here are the top 10 go-to Chinses restaurants in the Capital Region according to our listeners. Happy eating - and we hope your fortune cookie message is just as great the food at these eateries!

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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Whether it is an 8 cut or a slice on the go, New York and the Capital Region are known for having a multitude of great pizza joints. Here are the 5 best in greater Albany according to GNA Listeners.

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