‘A Quiet Place’ Sequel Filming in Upstate New York
The sequel to the thriller "A Quiet Place" will be filming in Upstate New York pretty soon. According to, stars John Krasinski and Emily Blunt will be back in upstate New York this summer to film the sequel to the hit movie...
Upstate Casting Call: Get Paid $88 A Day
Lately our area has been buzzing with television and movie filming. Now there is another movie being filmed just south of the Capital Region and they need extras. Here's who they are looking for.
Movie Filming Fun At Albany International Airport [PHOTOS]
I had posted a couple of days ago that there would be some filming fun happening at the Albany International Airport and sure enough it's in progress right now! The film, entitled "Departure" stars a couple familiar faces including Maisie Williams from "Game of Thrones" fame. Not everyone can get themselves over to the airport to see what's going on, so I thought I would bring
Our Top 4 Bill Paxton Movie Moments
Sadly, it was announced yesterday that actor Bill Paxton had passed away at age 61 after complications from surgery. Of course, when I heard the news I was shocked but had to think about what Paxton had actually been in.
’50 Shades of Buscemi’ Fake Trailer Might Be Better Than the Real Movie [Watch]
It's finally about to happen!  The 50 Shades of Grey movie will hit the big screen this weekend! Maybe you're not too excited about it, maybe you don't care at all.  That's fine.  You might really enjoy this recut trailer featuring Steve Buscemi as Christian Grey - Here are some fun facts to keep in mind when you're standing in line to see the film this weekend...
Taylor's New Role
Taylor Swift will stretch her acting muscles to play an "emotionless" girl in a new film called "The Giver" opposite Jeff Bridges.  Jeff plays her father in the movie, which hits theaters August 15. You'll remember that Taylor had a small role in "Valentine's Day" a few years ago...

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