Brady Bunch House For Sale!
Here's a story of a lovely house for sale! The house that we grew up wishing we could live in, well, at least for me! I watched the Brady Bunch every week! Wanting to be part of that family! Now, I could actually live in that house for only $1.885 million.
Jack Nicholson’s 30 Year Love Affair With Local Bakery
It's a tale well known by many Schenectady residents, but it certainly took me by surprise to learn that Jack Nicholson's love affair with Perreca's Bakery is real and as fresh as ever, some 30 years after he was first introduced to their delicious bread.  How did this love affair begin?
Hollywood Insiders Have Named the Top 20 TV Shows of All Time
The "Hollywood Reporter" has put out a list of Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows.  To do it, they surveyed more than 2,800 "insiders" including hundreds of actors, producers, and directors. So, keep in mind, this is NOT a list of the 'best' shows, it's a list of their 'favorite' shows...
5 Celebrities that Are WAY Smarter Than You! A Couple Of Them May Surprise You
It's true, you never know where life is going to take you. One day you are getting a degree at an Ivy league school, starting your life as a Doctor or Scientist and the next you are a TV star. I'm sure most people know that Matt Damon was actually a student at Harvard when he wrote "Good Will Hunting" or that Jodie Foster went to Yale but there may be a few celebrity "brainiacs"

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