The Village of Whitehall made a big announcement about their newly voted on village animal exactly the way I would expect them to.  They named a mythological beast it's official village animal.  This is the most Whitehall thing ever and I absolutely love it!  Don't believe in Bigfoot?  Think Sasquatch is a scam?  Don't tell that to people of Whitehall.

The Whitehall village board passed a resolution unanimously last Tuesday officially adopting Sasquatch - the elusive beast - as the village’s official animal according to Manchester Newspapers. 

What's next-will Cobleskill adopt the Alien while Albany finally caves and adopts the River Rat? Anything is possible now that Whitehall has paved the way for imagination and tourism to run wild.

“This came to us from Dave Molenaar and it’s in the form of a resolution,” said Mayor Phil Smith. “The last Saturday of every September be officially known as Sasquatch Appreciation Day and that Sasquatch shall be the official animal of the village of Whitehall.”



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