Whitehall’s Sasquatch Festival: Ya Gotta See It To Believe it
As the self-proclaimed Sasquatch capital of the northeast, the town of Whitehall is known for many sightings of the mythological  beast. Whether or not you're a believer, there's plenty to love about Whitehall's Annual Sasquatch Festival.  And while there's no telling w…
Sasquatch VR at the Great Escape [VIDEO]
Brian, Chrissy & I got to broadcast live from the Great Escape last week and had the amazing opportunity to test out the new virtual reality attachment to the Sasquatch ride. You're welcome, Brian & I saved the world.
The Future of Bigfoot Hunting
Children are the future. The children will inherit the Earth after our generation is gone. So obviously it's important that we teach them valuable skills that will help them throughout their lives such as: problem solving, thinking outside the box, and of course, how to hunt for Bigfoot.