Just like many things in America, there is a time for everything.  However, there are certain people who take it to a whole different level for the smallest thing.  I do believe that when it comes down to the appropriate time, though, a formal complaint is necessary.

Just last night I was out to dinner with family.  The restaurant where we went to eat at was a recommendation of my boyfriend and mine's.  When one of his family members asked if we ate there often, I replied, "we actually order pizza from here on Friday nights quite often because sometimes after a long week, I don't feel like cooking anything."  I also said we have never had a bad meal from this restaurant, but did include a "however" story.  I proceeded to tell about a particular instance a few weeks back in which I had called the restaurant to place an order for pizza -- just like I had done in the past.  This time when I got someone on the other end, I said, "I'd like to place an order for pick-up," her response was, "Well, we are really busy right now, do you still want to place an order?"  I had to take a deep breathe for a second and think to myself, "you're really busy?  You're too flipping busy you can turn away business in this economy?"  Honest, what would the manager and even owner think of this conversation?

I ended up placing my order even though I was so aggravated.  And fortunately for that particular employee I didn't feel like bothering a manager when I went to pick up the pizza because there were quite a few customers and I didn't want to truly bother someone.

 I do look back, though, and think to myself, "what is the work ethic of America coming to?"  That employee has a job and she only has that job because that particular business does very well, but if it didn't do so well, she would have to find some where else to work.  But still, who does she think she is saying that to a customer?  I've never experienced a business saying that to me before.  Other places may have said something along the lines of, "Absolutely, we it's going to be a bit of a wait.  Is that okay?" 

I don't think many Americans lack the attribute of work ethic so much as they lack tact or discretion.  This particular girl could have used a life lesson that evening, but I guess lucky for her, I didn't feel like saying something to her manager.  However, sometimes complaints are necessary so someone can learn from their mistakes and only better themselves.  Picking your battles, of course, is something you as the complainer need to learn as well.

What do you think?  Would you have complained or let it go?  Comment below.