Garage Sale Advice, Please Help!
I am not a big fan of garage sales and yard sales. Well we are having a street wide garage sale this weekend and I am wondering what is the proper way to display my items and price them. I don't go from sale to sale just looking so I am not sure what the shopper prefers.
Movie Theater Etiquette
After reading Jeff Levack's movie review, in his weekly feature 'The Trailer Park,' I decided to go watch the film Oz. Sadly, I chose the same showing as every popcorn chomping, talking, texting, foot scuffling, candy un-wrapping man, woman and screaming child.
How Much To Tip For The Holidays
Do you tip at the holidays? I know there are many people who try to take care of the people in their lives who otherwise go unnoticed. Trash collectors, mail persons, babysitters  all of these are people we couldn't do without all year and yet most of us barely even think about t…
Conversation And The New 5 Minute Rule
It really is a sign of the times.  We watch TV in short segments.  Always channel surfing.  We "tweet"  in very short sentences, leave very short abbreviated text messages, listen to short sound bytes on the news --and now this... the 5 minute talking rule!…
When is a Complaint Justified?
Just like many things in America, there is a time for everything.  However, there are certain people who take it to a whole different level for the smallest thing.
Gym Smells — What They Mean
A few weeks back, I wrote a blog about cardio machine etiquette and how it is not polite to stare at someone else while they work out.  Many of you agreed with my fustration -- some also knew exactly what I had experienced, having experienced it themselves.
I now write to you about something else at …

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