Is it wrong to leave a graduation ceremony early? We had people weighing in on both sides of this issue today on the show. I personally took the stance that no, it isn't wrong and a good amount of people thought I was a terrible person if I even considered it.

In a perfect world I think these ceremonies are no more than an hour to an hour and a half long and everyone can get through them without a problem but unfortunately they very often become an long tedious exercise in formality and speeches which go on for far too long. In the case of my eldest son's college graduation, by the time we had gotten to him actually getting his diploma, 2 and a half hours had gone by and the room  was about 80 degrees because of all the spectators who were crammed into the seats.

I admit that after I saw him get his diploma, I grabbed my 5 year old who was done after the first half hour and I left the building with no remorse what so ever.

I personally believe that not one of the other kids who did not know me and whom I did not know who had yet to retrieve their diploma were in any way hurt or shocked by my departure. If anything they were envious. I just don't see why graduating in front of 2000 strangers could in any way be as rewarding as graduating in front of  200 friends and family.

I know you may hate me for leaving before the crowd actually charged for the exit doors but I did it and I don't apologize.