You asked how I really feel about the Soccergate Lunch Break scandal, so here goes.  (Actually, none of you asked, but I wanted to weigh in).  Here's my REAL take on it.

I think the media has gone totally overboard (as usual),  making a story out of a non-story. Many of the state workers didn't even get the memo until after the lunch was over, so they didn't even participate.  That's Point 1.

Point 2. The American work ethic is so hung up on the totally outdated idea that you have to sit at your desks 8 hours a day in order to be productive.  I don't think well sitting in a cubicle, like I'm doing right now, actually.  I've written many, many things in my car, on my bike (in my head, of course) or on my couch - in a more relaxed atmosphere than at a desk, which leads to...

Point 3  Giving workers a break once in awhile away from their desks can make them MORE productive when they return to work.   What makes you think that there's so much productivity missed by getting away for an hour?   Relieving stress by watching an enjoyable game once in a great while might give your workers a sense of team spirit.  Lighten the hell up!!! 

Ok, I've spouted off.  Now it's your turn.  Leave your comments below.  I'd  be very interested in your side of the story

Photo by Richie Phillips