We 've been fighting all morning about the etiquette of wearing a hat at the dinner table and in other "formal" situations .  I say it shows rudeness and a lack of respect. Sean doesn't totally disagree, he just wants to know WHY it's so important to have these old customs?  I have a headache.   I don't know the answer, honestly.  I wish I was a historian.  And maybe it is important to know where these things come from.  But could you imagine a kid constantly asking why its important to:

photo by Richie Phillips


. hold a door for a person (male or female)

. say please and thank you to people at a restaurant

. being quiet during the pledge of allegience

.  not burp or fart in church

.  take off your backwards Yankee hat a funeral

. not call a police officer a pig when he pulls you over.

But where would we be as a society if noone adhered to ANY of these customs?  I don't care where they come from.  It just makes for a more kind and gentle world.  (I learned that from George W Bush)   What's your take on this?  Would love to know.  Leave you comments below.  I meant to say - PLEASE leave your comments.  Thank you so much.











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