I'll take this public opportunity to take a deep look at my marriage and see how my list of complaints about my husband matches up with Redbook.com's list of most common wifely complaints.

I'm gonna bet that he has more complaints about me than I do about him! (Love you, babe!)

Here are the Top 10 . . .

1.  "He never helps around the house."   A study in 2013 found women spend 18 hours a week on chores, and for guys it's ten.  But I have to say, in my house it's probably reversed!  My husband is very good at housework and very helpful!

2.  "He plays too many video games."  Ummmm... this is sometimes a complaint I have, but it's only because when he plays his games I feel lonely and I want him near me!  I'm a big baby!

3.  "We have the same arguments every day."  Yes, yes, yes!  Even if an argument starts out differently, it always goes back to the same things!

4.  "He drinks too much."  Nope, this doesn't apply to my designated driver/husband!  He probably would say that I drink too much, though!

5.  "His family drives me nuts."  Nah, we're both pretty supportive of the relationship that we have with each other's family.

6.  "He brings too much junk food into the house."  Because it's hard to eat healthy when the person you live with is eating pizza and ice cream!

7.  "He doesn't know anything about the kids."  Well, not in my house.  I'm lucky in that Bub is such an attentive dad!  I know he'll always have a really great relationship with our kids because of how much effort and love he puts into his relationship with them now.

8.  "He always wants to have sex."  Hehe.... no complaints here! ;-)

9.  "The credit card statement is always a surprise."  Well I'll admit, we do fight about money the most... but hey, marriage isn't perfect.

10.  "A little appreciation would be nice."  I mean, this one goes both ways.  I'll be the first to say, I'm guilty!  But I'll tell you what, writing this little blog has made me really feel lots of thankful feelings toward my handsome husband.

What things do you and your spouse fight about?  Do you have a lot of complaints, or are you pretty content? Let me know in the comment section below!




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