I got yelled at in the office because of the way I eat my string cheese. Producer Jess and I got into a heated debate of the proper way to eat the delicious snack. 

According to Jess, to proper way to enjoy string cheese and the only way to eat it is by peeling it. Then you are to eat the strings you peel one by one. I couldn't disagree more. I take it out of the plastic and bite it from the top down.

Side note, I LOVE cheese. Just so it's clear, I have been known to eat a block of cheddar like an apple. I mean not even slicing it. So I have a problem when someone tells me how to enjoy my string cheese. How can you get the amazing flavor of the cheese if you are peeling it into thin bland strings? Just food for thought.

How do you string cheese? Which way is the right way?

(chrissy), Townsquare Media
(chrissy), Townsquare Media

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