I am not a big fan of garage sales and yard sales. Well we are having a street wide garage sale this weekend and I am wondering what is the proper way to display my items and price them. I don't go from sale to sale just looking so I am not sure what the shopper prefers. We have a good stock of items that we have set aside for our garage sale this Saturday. Yesterday I had mentioned to my girlfriend that we need to go through the stuff and start pricing the items. She looked at me and said that's not what you do at a garage sale. I thought she was kidding.

Apparently she said that whenever her mom or aunts had a sale, they wouldn't price anything so that the customers would have to ask what they wanted for the item. She also said that didn't really allow for anyone talking you way down in price for the item.

Anytime my family did a sale, the items were always clearly marked so now I'm not sure what to do. Some people have said to definitely price them because the customer doesn't want to necessarily ask about every item. Others have said that not pricing the items forces them to speak with you and work out a fair price.

I really don't know what the right answer is. What is the proper way to price items you are selling at a garage sale? Please help.

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