An article by recently caught my attention - 4 Weird Things That Turn Women On... hmmmmm... what could they be?  I'll give you the list, with a little of my own commentary!

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Image

1.  Body Odor.

I guess just smelling like a man, smelling natural, is enough for most women.  We don't really need the fancy fragrances - and we really, really don't need that Axe Body Spray.

Note: Under no circumstance does this mean that you don't need to take a shower.  We like clean.

2.  Scars and Blemishes.

We all have imperfections, and knowing you have some is intriguing.  Each scar tells a story, and I wonder if deep down inside, we attribute being masculine to having battle wounds.

3.  Stereotypically Feminine Traits.

Yes, some women DO like tough, manly men.  But there is nothing like a sensitive guy, in touch with his feelings!  A good dad, a sweet love note, doing the damn dishes!  These are things that will win you style points.

4.  Awkwardness.

Nerds get a bad rap.  But not ALL women feel the same way.  Being dorky has become kind of a "thing" lately, and you'd be surprised at how many ladies will like your awkward side.

So that's their list, but I wanna know what's on your list!  Ladies, what do you think is unconventionally sexy in a guy, and guys, tell me what you think!