Reilley in Niskayuna writes:
I'm not the type of woman who asks for things or wants things but I do want to get your thoughts on something.  I've been married for 13 years and I would say that in that time, my husband has not bought me a "just because" gift in a decade at least.  Birthdays and anniversaries he usually comes through but once- just once - I'd like him to come home with some earrings instead of a freaking knick-knack.  During the pandemic I've worked twice as hard keeping our household and kids safe, clean and well stocked.  I'm not asking for much- just something thoughtful.  Please tell me I'm not crazy.
Is Reilley asking too much that her husband of 13 years shows he appreciates her by bringing her home an occasional thoughtful gift?  Love Cowboy doesn't seem to think so.

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