Is it Ever Okay To Get Back Together With an Ex-Wife?
John in Altamont wants to know if he should rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife. He writes:

My wife and I divorced three years ago and we were married for three years. We started talking again and went on a few dates. It wasn't a horrible break up and we don't have any kids. We wer…
Love Cowboy Helps Listener Who Ghosted After Lockdown
Every weekday morning the Love Cowboy tries to help out a WGNA listener who has a relationship dilemma. There are occasions where he gives solid advice and other times he completely misses. No matter what, he is highly entertaining and funny.
PEACE OUT: Organizers Pull Plug On Woodstock 50
Woodstock 50: My what a longggg strange trip it's been! What started as a peaceful journey through Bethel Woods, turned a little bit trippy at Watkins Glen, then became a full-blown headache/hangover by the time organizers decided on doing a free show in Maryland.
Name A Cockroach After Your Ex is in the air, or is it? If you would like to get back at an ex or just find a new way to get over them, a zoo is giving you a chance to do so this Valentine's Day.
Finally, Albany Has An Arena Team That Loves Us Back
There's a line in Toby Keith's I Love This Bar where he says 'I like my truck,
an' I like my girlfriend, but I love this bar!'  There's a similarity with Capital Region sports fans.  We like college basketball, an' we like amateur baseball, but we LOVE the Arena Football League.  After witnessing my …
Pet Names: Don’t Call Me Baby
I've been in a relationship for a long time and no matter who I've dated, I've made it very clear that I hate pet names. Apparently there's a study by Scientific American that says those nicknames are actually good for relationships, I don't buy it.

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