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Opry Debut
At the Sean & Richie Golf Tournament, we were able to do a REALLY cool thing for John King! I have to tell you, it's the young up and coming artists that I really do enjoy being around. They just LOVE the music and the fans and are just happy to be part of it all.
Today’s Maureen Hancock Readings – February 27, 2014
This morning on the Sean and Richie show, our medium Maureen Hancock delivered beautiful messages to Rebecca, Tracy, and Patti.
If you thought that was great, just wait!  Maureen will be doing live readings on March 29 right here in the Capital District...
Black Friday
Great news! The Sean And Richie Show will be broadcasting the show live Black Friday morning from 5:30 - 10 a.m. at Colonie Center.
I am super excited because even on the years we did our show on Black Friday, I never got a chance to really get out and see all the craziness and excitement. This year,…
North Greenbush! Here We Come!
As this leg of the Small Town Tour comes to a close, we'll make our last stop at the Alexis Diner in North Greenbush!
Sean, Richie, and I have had such a great time meeting all of you and trying all the fun and yummy diner food, and we can't wait to see what's in store for us in North …
What Weird Things Turn You On?
An article by recently caught my attention - 4 Weird Things That Turn Women On... hmmmmm... what could they be?  I'll give you the list, with a little of my own commentary!
1.  Body Odor.
I guess just smelling like a man, smelling natural, is enough for most women...
Hangin' in Halfmoon
Sean, Richie and Bethany were hanging out at the Halfmoon Diner this morning on a stop on the Small Town Tour!
We had a handful of visitors who said they heard us talking about being here on their way to work and wanted to pop in. Some even signed up to win tickets to our Secret Star Acoustic Jam whe…

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