Tuesday morning. Man I have been so tired today. After work yesterday I figured it might be a good idea to try to get rid of some huge thick bushes around my pool, dumb. It wasn't the hardest job in the world but getting them out of the ground took some serious effort, also it was so hot yesterday. But I survived and I got some of them out so all is good. Wait, not everything is good, I'm not as confident about the monologue this morning. :) I've had better, but we did cover a few things that are going on in the news, and here they are.

  • Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are working on a prenup.
  • Megan Fox didn't want to be in the Transformer movies anymore because she doesn't want to be nothing more than a sex symbol?
  • The dangers of cell phones are becoming more and more apparent.
  • Richie Sambora left rehab and joined Bon Jovi on tour.
  • Plaxico Burress is out of prison. Wonder where he will end up playing?
  • And did you know, fuel cost eat up 30% of airline costs.

Hey it's not my best work ever, but it is mercifully quick. Here it is for your listening pleasure.

God bless.

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