1. Marilyn Monroe would have been 89 today – in 1953 she was paid $50 for a famous photo shoot for what men’s magazine… known for its articles…?

A - Playboy

2. Dwayne Johnson’s new movie San Andreas opened this weekend to record numbers, what is Dwayne’s nickname?

A – the rock

3. The two most visited homes in the US are the White House and Graceland – in which state would you find Graceland?

A – Tennessee

4. Advertisers are pulling out left and right of 19 kids and counting, the TLC reality show in the wake of the scandal revolving around the oldest son Josh.  What are the first names of the Duggar parents?

A – Michelle and Jim Bob

5. Kim Kardashian leaked the news that she’s pregnant with baby number 2 last night – who is her current husband and baby daddy?

A – Kanye West

6. We learned over the weekend that Beau Biden lost his battle with brain cancer.  Who is Beau’s dad?

A – Joe Biden, Vice-President

7. John Kerry broke his leg in a bicycle crash on Sunday while in Geneva – what is John Kerry’s current job title?

A – Secretary of State

Kim Kardashian
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