Kim and Kanye's baby was one of the most anticipated babies of the year!  People were more excited to see what she was going to name the little creature than anything else!

And, the couple's second child has as unique a name as their firstborn, North West, but did they disappoint?

I feel like they did!

Everyone on earth was expecting a different directional name, given the choice of North as the first name of their first baby, and Kanye's last name.  Personally I was expecting Easton, or South, or something!

But, the famous couple went with Saint West, and the little bundle of joy weighed in at 8 lbs., 1 oz

Not bad, but... I wanted a predictable name!  But Kim would never do anything predictable, now would she!

A source told E! News that Kim's highly publicized, rocky pregnancy was one of the biggest influences in choosing their baby boy's moniker.

No matter what they decided to name the little fellow, I wish them the best of luck!  If you think one kid makes your life crazy, try two!  Even with a nanny!

Kim Kardashian
Getty Images

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