Bethany is our very own selfie queen.  She does an incredible job.   But are her photographs PERFECT? Hmmm…. 

Hey - In my eyes they are, but according to, you can always improve your technique.  And who better to teach you than internationally acclaimed selfie-taker Kim Kardashian?  She actually has a new book dedicated to the subject called SELFISH. In it she shows some of her classic photographs on instagram.  But she also mentions in interviews that to get the best results" lighting is everything"

Not only that, but it's very important to keep your chin down.

Let's see if our Bethany uses some of these techniques. 

photo by Bethany Linderman


Well, the first one has great lighting, and despite the fact that noone has their chins down, its still a good shot.  10 point for Bethany.

Now the second shot is a great one, although the lighting is a LITTLE bit lacking.  But that can be easily fixed.

Seflie by Bethany

My verdict?  Bethany - you have nothing to worry about.  In fact, I think YOU should put out a book!