Unbelievable! I have watched this video over and over and I just can't seem to figure out what in the world this girl was thinking. There are so many times during this 20 second span that different , better choices could be made, sadly none of them were.

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Getty Images

First of all why does anyone even do this archaic tradition anymore? DO we really need to trot all the pathetic single ladies up to the middle of the dance floor so they can fight and dive for a bouquet that promises that they will be the next to marry? I have never seen the actual data on how often that actually comes true but I am willing to bet a paycheck it is not an accurate predictor of finding true love.

Secondly, this girl seems to be pretty young , why did the parents even let her go to the mosh pit of single ladies, let alone do it carrying what looks to be her baby sister? You really can see it right before the video starts, this is just not going to turn out ok. And it sure doesn't, though I am sure no one was actually hurt.

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