Kids today are feel so entitled, kids today are so greedy, kids today don't appreciate their parents these are thing we hear everyday and unfortunately in many cases it's true. What we all have to remember is that it is not always true and the world is full of wonderful kids who are selfless and bright and loving, if you need a reminder of that as we all sometimes do you will love this video.

What would happen if you took poor inner city kids and gave them what they really really want for Christmas? What if they could ask for anything and you actually put that gift in front of them? What if you also asked those kids what they would give their parents and also gave them that to give to their Mom and dad, well now these kids are in the middle of some sort of dream.

Now tell them they have to choose between giving their Mom or Dad the gift they think that they would love or keep the gift they want for themselves UGH! Of course they know their parents have everything they need and they would take the gift for themselves.... or would they?

You may want to have a tissue ready for this one... as a guy who was once one of these kids myself, I needed one.



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