Personally, I think the iPhone is the greatest gadget I've ever owned, but apparently there is some tough competition now.  Do any of you own a Samsung Galaxy S4 yet?  it's getting glowing reviews

According to, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is "all that".  Consumer Reports ran it's barrage of tests on it, and based on  "ease of use, display,  and battery life, it scored very very highly.  The only thing it didn't do too well on was voice quality.  Its a PHONE and it has lousy voice quality?  Ahhh, who cares?  Noone uses a phone for the PHONE anyway, so who cares?  LOL.  Here's a review from Jon4lakers on YouTube

Did you see 60 minutes this week? Leslie Stahl did this story about face recognition technology and how far it's come, and I was blown away what they could use this for besides law enforcement.  The busines applications are just nuts, and according to the story, there are no restrictions on what they could use it for. You want to see something bizarre?  They now have billoards out that know if you are male or female when you walk by it, and can personalize the message to you.   Check it out.

So not only is Big Brother watching you,  but now Big Business is too.  Have a nice day.

Quick Computer Tip 

Would you like to go to a website very quickly?  Here's now to do it, according to

                                                           Quick web address

Type the name of a web site such as 'myspace' into your browser's address bar and pressCTRL+Enter to automatically add http://www and .com and be taken to the site.

Never knew that?  Me neither.  See what you learn each week on Tech Talk?

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