Let's get geeky for a minute, shall we?  We'll see what Apple is up to, first of all, then we'll look at an App that will help you get things done and have fun in the process, plus a quick mouse tip that'll make you say "no kiddin?"  

Well,  speculation has been circulating all over the place that Apple is running out of ideas.  Their stock has plummeted lately and they really haven't come out with many of their usual new innovations.    They did have something pretty cool at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, though.  But it's for serious computer users only.
It's the new Mac Pro "desktop" It has 12 cores, flash storage, ( hard drives are out!) , and you can run 6 devices per port and it has 4 ports, that light up.  It will support 4k displays.
Here's what it looks like
                                                                   A Very Fun ToDo App
Sometimes you need a little help organizing your life.  What do you do first?  What can you put off?  (for that, please see me - I'm an expert in that department)
Anyway, there's an app that makes sure you get things done, and you can have a little fun in the process.  It's called Carrot  It's an app with a personality.  It will greet you with sarcastic comments like , "good morning lazy human" , it has different levels to it, so when you check off everything you're supposed to do you can unlock games and even get a little kitten for your very own   It's only  $1.99 for the iPhone
                                                             Cool Tip For Your Computer Mouse
photo by Richie Phillips
      I learned this from a friend.  Left click with your mouse once on any word and it's highlighted. Click on any word in a paragraph 3 times and the entire paragraph is highlighted.  Very cool!  Go ahead, say it- "no kiddin'?".
     There you be.  Tech Talk for this week, geeks!

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