There's a new app out that is amazing.  It lets you and others actually see your own facial expressions while you play your favorite mobile video game.   It's called Everplay.  That's coming up, plus a face that Instagram users  love (with clothing to match)  - he'5 year old Alonzo Mateo.  Welcome to Tech Talk

Gee- that's just what I want to see - my own face all scrunched up with a tense look as I try to negotiate the levels on the latest iPhone video game.  But I guess I must be in the minority, because the new App t from Everplay that everyone is talking about.  It works in conjunction with "Eyes, the Horror Game" which you can download in the iTunes App store.

screen shot eyes the horror game

It puts your face in the upper corner of the game where you can narrate, scream, share your excitement or fears with others - whatever!  (Hey, don't ask me --I'm only the messenger)

Remember The Name: Alonzo Mateo

Are you as popular online as Alonzo Mateo?  Yea, you wish!  You and me both!  He's all of 5 years old, and has thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube for his very stylish fashions.  He wears hi-topped sneakers, pants made in Italy, stylish "shades" and the "coolness" to go with it.  He has his fans, and also his critics.  Are we spoiling this kid forever?  Take a look, and you be the judge

Will all of this go to the poor (I mean "apparently rich") kid's head?  Maybe, and then again he may grow up to be the next big clothing magnate.  Ya never know, but I can imagine some of the comments that they've gotten from this.  (You know how cruel people can be when they know they are anonymous)


 How To Capture A Screen On Windows 7

So you find something great that you want to capture on your screen to share with others -How do you do it?  It's easy if you have Windows 7 (which I highly recommend over Windows 8, but that's another article for another day)    Here's how to do it from YouTube

Good luck to you all in your dealings with that darn computer of yours!  That's this week's Tech Talk.

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