Want to get a newer iPad?  There's a great deal going on right now at your local big box store.   And are you thinking of buying a desktop? Don't!  There's a much,  much cheaper option coming out, and it's the size of your thumb!  I have an iPad 2.  It's a fantastic gadget.  I love it.  There's only one drawback, and I didn't realize it until I saw the current model.  The screen is slightly difficult to read sometimes.  You see the dots when the print is small.


They now have a "high def" retina display on the new ones, and I wouldn't mind giving my own retinas a break.

Well, Best Buy has a deal going on which I must say "ain't too shabby".  They will give you a minimum of $200 toward something else in the store.  You can either trade up to a new one, which would basically get you into a 16 gig model for $299, or you can apply it toward anything else in the store if you wish.  The deal goes on until Aug 3rd.  (see the store for details! )

Team Red Cross App 

Screen Shot Red Cross
from iTunes

Ever feel during a time of a local emergency that you want to volunteer to help out but don't know where to turn?  Lord knows we've had our share of them lately with floods, hurricane damage etc.  Well, Team Red Cross now has an app for that.  It allows you to sign up and it tells you what their volunteer needs are and where.  Great idea, and it creates a network of people for them.  Sign up!

Very Quick PC Tip 

How do you know how much hard disk space is left on your computer?  It's important to know.  You shouldn't let it get too filled up.  It can cause a crash

Thanks to EasyComputerTips.com for this quick tip

Double click on the My Computer icon on your Desktop and right-click on your hard disk (usually drive C). Click Properties to see the amount of disk space left on your computer.

There you go, folks.  Hope you get some use out of this!

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