With concert season starting, you probably have a solid stack of tickets for the amazing country shows coming this season. Ticketmaster announced that in the near future, you won't use tickets anymore but something that you won't leave at home.

Live Nation and Ticketmaster announced last week that they have partnered with a company called Blink to make tickets even easier. Their goal is, according to The Verge, to start using facial recognition and get rid of tickets altogether.

For those of you who are worried about long lines, Blink says that their technology would be able to identify you in "half of a second" and it would save your face with your information so that you can just walk in the show. That does mean that Ticketmaster would have to begin a database with their concertgoers' faces along with important information. There's no date as to when this is happening and not a ton of information on Blink's tech but Ticketmaster said they'd rather get this going sooner rather than later.

Here's my issue, let's say an hour or so before the show I decide that for whatever reason I can't try to give my ticket away unless I give my face to them too. Hopefully, they come up with a way to convert tickets before they unveil this for real.

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