Well, our latest WGNA radiothon is history.  Our collaboration with the Center For Disability Services in Albany and local station Fox 23 was a big big success.  And we all have big smiles on our faces this morning.

It feels good to volunteer.  Of course, we had the easy job.  There's no heavy lifting involved in getting on the mic and asking for donations.  There are so many people who come and "man the phones".  As you see in the photo, we had 12 lines, so 12 people had to give up their time and volunteer to take pledges.

The phones are now gone, and so are the generous volunteers, but I think we can all agree that it feels great to volunteer.  There's a nice, warm fuzzy feeling to join together and do some good.

I challenge each and every one of you to give a little time for the cause of your choice.   You'll  get that warm fuzzyness, guaranteed!

BTW , WGNA raised over $18,000 toward the cause.  (Well, I forgot one word--LISTENERS.   Take two:   WGNA LISTENERS raised over $18,000!)

THANKS FROM ALL OF US!!!!!   You should feel the fuzzyness too!!!