Veterans Day was yesterday and though they deserve the attention they get on that one day, they should have more. If you're looking to continue to help and appreciate the Veterans, here are some local organizations to look in to.

To start, in April I took an honor flight and it's one of the best ways that I've experienced to show your support for Veterans. With an honor flight, you are a guardian to a veteran (or in my case two) and you walk with them through the various memorials in Washington DC. The stories and experiences you get with that flight are some you'll never get anywhere else. Locally, if you're interested, you can take a look at two organizations: The Leatherstocking Honor Flight as well as the Patriot Honor Flight.

Recently, I learned about the Veterans Miracle Center in Albany. The Miracle Center is a place for members of the military and their families to receive daily necessities for free. They're always looking for volunteers and you can contact them thought their website.

Another organization that benefits Veterans is called "Adopt-a-Soldier." Based on Saratoga, they provide support to soldiers stationed worldwide by sending care packages. They say on their website "Our main goal is to provide a sense of home to our soldiers and make them feel as comfortable as possible through care packages, gifts, letters, phone card, and more."

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