The Fore the Girls Scholarship Foundations annual Bogey Bash event is sure to entertain even the non-golf fans on April 24th!

I first heard about the Fore the Girls Scholarship Foundation when founder, Sarah Adamowski was interning at my last job. She mentioned it in passing as if it wasn't worth the conversation. However, in actuality, it is something to be very proud of.

Adamowski explains the reasoning for the formation of the foundation:

"The FORE The Girls scholarship foundation was started as a way for me to give back to the capital district communities who helped me on my path to college. FORE The Girls is also an outreach organization that tries to interest young girls in golf so they have an opportunity to better their futures as well. Each year, hundreds of thousands of women's golf scholarships go to waste because there just aren't enough girls playing. As of right now, you don't even need to be all that great at golf, you just need to play. "

And whether you play or not, coming up on Sunday, April 24th, Fore the Girls will be handing out their very first scholarship! It'll all take place at one of their annual scholarship funding events, Bogey Bash which will be held at Fox Run Golf Club in Johnstown from 3-6pm.

So, you might be thinking, "but wait, you said I didn't need to like golf to enjoy this?" Correct! At Bogey Bash you can expect a buffet, games and prizes, a cash bar, plus a chance for early registration for the July tournament and/or make any type of donation.

Oh and some of those prizes you can win are pretty cool, too. Like, a Samsung Galaxy tablet, a Vizio Soundbar, Lotto Tickets, Gift Certificates and more!

For more information on Fore the Girls, please visit their facebook page.

The FTG scholarship is given out to girls who play high school golf and are active within their schools and communities. You DO NOT need to be trying to play college golf, the only requirement is competitive high school golf.

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