When I took my first Uber ride, I was really impressed with my driver Pam and how passionate she was for the Capital Region. Her goal, as an Uber driver, was to educate visitors and let them know what we have to offer. Well now she and all Uber drivers can help our communities. Uber is launching a community enrichment program called Project Jumpstart. Uber drivers all over the Capital Region can apply for sponsorship to causes that are near and dear to them. The program will award up to $30,000 quarterly to those who apply for the grants.

Project Jumpstart is aimed at supporting local causes that are important to the drivers specifically. But if you use Uber, maybe you can suggest a program that is important to you and your community so they can apply on your behalf.

Uber drivers can submit an application every three months. They are encouraging drivers that have a cause they care about to submit the nominations so that that organization will receive funding for local programs throughout the state.

Hey it can't hurt to get into an Uber and strike up a conversation with the driver about causes that you care about in the Capital Region. Who knows? They may agree and help fund it through Project Jumpstart.

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