Am I kidding myself?  Who's going to click on people doing nice things for each other?  Who wants to see random acts of kindness?  How boring, right?  NOT! 

No!  Let's not think like that for one minute.  This is just so nice to see for a change.  It's not people fighting, rioting, picketing, crashing their cars -- you know the drill on YouTube.

It's just a really nice video of people doing great things for each other.  SPOILER ALERT - You'll see an actual honest pickpocket caught by a street camera.  You'll also see a nice guy stop by street performers and instead of just walking by and ignoring them, dancing and showing his appreciation for the music that they are putting out ( as you can tell, I have a soft spot in my heart for those guys who play and sing their hearts out and get no response)

It's just a nice video to watch to begin your week.  Maybe it will spur us all to be just a little nicer..(aahh, probably not, but it's heartwarming  to see anyway)




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