One of my favorite things during the holiday season are the amazing stories of good samaritans and this year is no different. Apparently, there's an angel frequenting the Glenmont Walmart.

I saw this story posted on a local subreddit about someone who came across an amazing person at the Glenmont Walmart. The person said they went to Walmart in Glenmont for some last minute shopping and groceries for Christmas dinner.

Apparently, a woman "looking to be in her 50s" approached, almost in tears. She mentioned that she wanted to brighten another family's holiday and out of nowhere handed over $50. She mentioned that her husband passed away about a year ago and that she had a really great year. The woman who posted the story bought her some flowers in thanks.

Being in the market right before Christmas doesn't usually bring up the happiest of emotions but this woman completely changed this family's spirits. The person who posted to Reddit said that they took some of the money and passed it on to someone else in a similar surprise like this woman did for them. She ended the post by thanking the woman by saying, "So Judy, if you're reading this... You made this Grinch's heart grow today. Keep being amazing."

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