In January, I had a story about someone leaving various articles of winter clothing around Amsterdam, with a note that told people to take the clothing to keep warm.

Hat and Gloves in the snow
Hat and Gloves in the snow - Bro. Lou Roberts Collection

Then there was another story about a man in Amsterdam that was shoveling people’s driveways for free.

Now there’s been another act of kindness. This time, it’s in Albany. Someone has been leaving various articles of winter clothing, like scarves, gloves and hats around Washington Park. Similar to what happened in Amsterdam, the anonymous person leaves a note on some of the clothing - “Take me! I’m here to keep you warm". According to the story from CBS 6 Albany, people started to notice the articles of clothing being left around the park earlier this month.

Maybe we’ll see even more of these random acts of kindness continuing all over the Albany area and Capital Region.

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