It's common: you hop in the car and start to head to your destination when *thump thump thump* and frustration ensues. You have a flat tire.

That's what happened to me to kick off my weekend.

I got home from work safe and sound, but somewhere between work, the car wash and home something happened.

I was heading to meet a friend for dinner and as I was pulling out of my development I thought the drive felt a little off, maybe low tire pressure? I took the mental note to stop at Stewarts on the way to check, then the tire pressure light came on. Okay, well, I was right. But, as I attempted to stop at the first two gas stations, neither had an air pump and I could tell what was low tire pressure was becoming a greater issue.

As I pulled up to a light in Cohoes, I spotted the next Stewarts on my path. This one didn't have gas pumps, but it did have an air pump.

I scooted over quickly and hopped out of my car to find the back passenger tire completely flat! Not the way to start my weekend! I grabbed the air pump and started filling it, which worked...until I unhooked the air and heard "ssssssssss..." loudly coming from the tire.

I was so close to Route 9 in Latham, I really hoped that the tire could hold until I got to a tire store. I hopped back in the car quick and back to Columbia Avenue only to get about a minute down the road when it was very evidently flat, again.

Marissa, Cohoes Gas Station

I quickly pulled into this old fashion mom and pop gas station/auto body shop and asked for help. In my adrenaline driven state, I didn't even ask the guys name and I feel horrible for it but, while he couldn't get me a new tire because the mechanic was out, he gladly changed my tire out with my donut. I couldn't have been more thankful than I was in that moment.

Marissa, Cohoes, NY

He was super generous and didn't want anything but for me to pay it forward. Since I do that all the time as it is, I gave him a $20 and a big thank you! In a world where we are surrounded by the negative news all the time, moments like this are a breath of fresh air.