With all of the sad and sometimes maddening news that trends sometimes, it's nice to focus on a good local story to put a smile on your face. One person helping as many strangers as he can.

Jeff Buell is a real estate developer in Troy and spent a whole year giving random strangers $100. The campaign called "Do the Next Good Thing" was started in memory of his sister Laurie Bereza. The idea started by giving away $100 randomly and $1000 at the end of each month but grew into something so much more.

The Facebook page that Buell started just continued to grow. It started to become filled with stories of good samaritans and people doing random things for random people just to "Do the Next Good Thing."

According to New York Upstate, Buell has given more than $50,000 since September 2017. Sometimes he didn't even donate money, but mentioned a place that needed some help like the organization Street Soldiers. After Buell's mention, they raised more than $10,000. He met people all over the Capital Region, people who he noticed may have needed help, people who have helped others, or people in the right place at the right time - just making the Capital Region a better place one person at a time.

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