Recently I wrote a blog about how it seems that I truly am feeling the Christmas Spirit this year and that I was thankful because I really do think now more than ever the WORLD needs Christmas. I think we all need to feel a little warmth in our hearts and help others to feel it as well, so i was THRILLED when I saw an old friend post this on her Facebook tonight.

Her name is Karolyn Smith Slovick and while we don't talk much these days we went to High School together and are Facebook friends, and I am glad because it meant I saw the post she wrote tonight and I loved it! She wrote: 

"Was at the grocery store tonight with my dad and my total wasn't that much because I was at Save A lot (should really go there to shop, but I forget about it) so the guy behind me didn't have much in his when his total came up I said to the clerk...wait wait I want to pay it forward and pay for his groceries...the guy was like no no..I said it's Christmas and I want to pay it forward...I took care of his total. While I was boxing my groceries he came over and said "Excuse me mam, but you don't realize what you just did, my wife lost her job yesterday and every penny counts...thank you so much Merry Christmas" Ok I had tears in my eyes."

Now when I asked her if I could write about this she was adamant that it isn't about her, she didn't do all that much but she loved that while she had no idea it would really make a difference, IT DID! Truth is you never really know how much the smallest of kindness can do for others. To me,  the "Christmas Spirit", the spirit of giving and love for your fellow man really isn't about how "big" or how "much" is given it's simply ABOUT the giving. In the giving is where we all find our true selves and purpose.

Karolyn and Mollie, Facebook
Karolyn and Mollie, Facebook

Now she let me write about this if I promised to let you know there was more to her post, there was indeed a challenge that she put out to her friends and now to YOU, she wrote:

"SO NOW I ASK ALL MY FB FRIENDS to pay it forward in some sort of kindness never know what anyone is going through and you CAN make a difference...(Mollie will be donating 2 of her BarkBoxes to James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society next Sunday...even she can make a difference)"

I hope you are as inspired as me by the story.

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