random acts of kindness

Let's Keep Paying It Forward
There isn’t a better feeling than when a complete stranger does a random act of kindness. I truly believe that this is one of the most awesome things to be the recipient of. Let's keep it going.
My Daughter Just Made My Day!
I don't get misty eyed often but when I do more often then not it's out of pride for my little girl. We all have rough days at work and we all could use a little pick me up now and again, but how did Bells know I'd need one today?
Acts of Kindness
So last week, I was reading my e mail and I came across a letter from a girl who is a Cazenovia College Alum. She told me about a Facebook campaign she and her friends from college had started to promote 365 days of kindness and was hoping I could help her get the word out because it seeme…
Nice People Still Exist – Keep Paying it Forward
Debbie was telling me about her friend Amy, a single mom of three young boys who went to Olive Garden for one of the kids’ birthday dinner.  They were just sitting there enjoying their breadsticks and a family having dinner nearby noticed that she was sitting there alone with th…